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THE UNDER SHOP was started in 1999 to serve a very specific purpose. A straightforward, no-frills store selling men’s undergarment to cater to the needs of customers who wish to find a range of different brands, cuts, colours and designs, all under one roof. As the materials, packaging and designs of our products evolved, so did THE UNDER SHOP. Being the leader in this segment means that we have to be the trendsetter, pioneering the way under garment retailing needs to adapt to the changing needs of consumers.

2019 is the year that THE UNDER SHOP will take a new direction, after enjoying 20 successful years through our stores, we have decided to change to further improve our services for our customers. THE UNDER SHOP has always been contemporary and we strive to continue being so, in our product range, designs and now, our stores and services. THE UNDER SHOP offers a brightly lit environment with unique fixtures in stainless steel and wood, staying away from the likes of departmental stores which are designed for space efficiency and practicality instead of introducing the essence of the brands. Each brand that we carry has been carefully curated to ensure that the variety in THE UNDER SHOP caters to all lifestyle, preference and walks of life.

In 2019, after countless requests, THE UNDER SHOP is going online.

The reason why THE UNDER SHOP have succeeded where many have failed is because we are a vertically integrated. An under garment design workshop, an industry standard manufacturing factory and an efficient 365 days logistic centre all assimilated in cohesion under a single umbrella. With this, we can design, create and stock as and when it is necessary without any hitch within the process.

For further question and inquires please contact us at
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